General Terms

General Terms

1. Scope

These General Conditions have been drafted in accordance with current regulations and binding on the parties together with the special conditions agreed, they remain applicable to intensive Spanish courses organized by KASERIO-SCHOOL.

2. Registration and contracting.

For full enrollment in any level, participants must complete and submit to Kaserio-school registration form.

The recruitment will be made after submitting the registration form. Kaserio-school will then proceed to confirm the enrolment afterwards, to book the course and indicate the total sum to pay. The participant must then pay for the course.

3. Payment.

A deposit of €250 must be given at the time of booking. The advance payments are a part of the final total price and in no case are refundable.

Payment of the full amount of the course must be 100% verified 15 days prior to the scheduled start of the course. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the enrollment in the course, if the payment has not yet been received within that period, therefore not committing to provide any services to the student.

4. Payment.

Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer to the account to be provided at the time of booking confirmation. It is imperative to email a proof of transfer indicating the student’s name and date of the selected course.

5, Cancellations and / or dropouts.

Cancellations made by participants before the start of the course will be entitled to a refund of the price paid if notice is given a week before the start of the course, and it will involve a charge of € 250 (esto se debe explicar, si es el deposito)
If the cancellation occurs as a result of supervening incompatibility of dates, the organizers agree to attempt to provide the student with alternative dates but these will always be subject to availability within a maximum period of one year.
If a student withdraws from a course, once it has begun, no payment previously made will be refunded. Participants have the right to book the remaining unattended days taking part in a newcourse within a maximum period of one year.

We reserve the right to cancel the  classes before the specified date if there is insufficient demand. In this case, applicants will receive a full refund.

6. Cost

The cost  of intensive Spanish course of one week, amounting to 1,250 euros per person, or 1,100 euros per person if sharing a double room.

The price includes:- Spanish course of 22 hours / week.

– Socio-cultural activities from Monday to Saturday and two full day trips.
– Learning material for the Spanish course, appropriate to each level.
– 7 days accommodation (single room with own bathroom).
– 6 days full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), plus dinner on day of arrival and breakfast the day of departure.
– Liability insurance during your stay.

7. Referral of information.

Prior to the delivery of courses and once accepted the booking, Kaserio- school will send the student’s details of the booking made, outlining the price, form of payment and the arrival information, on the person’s meeting, accomodation and contracted services.

This information will be sent by email designated by the students in their enrollment application form.

8. Pick up service.

We offer a pick up service day before the starting day of the course, either in Bilbao Airport , Santander Airport as well as a meeting point between cities, with a fixed time for the transfer to Kaserio-School. It is also offered the  same service for the Sunday after the course.

For students who are not members of the EU, please visit the Embassy of Spain in their country of origin.

9. Accommodation.

The student accommodation for seven nights, from Sunday to Sunday, will occur in a farmhouse, in individuals rooms equipped with bathroom, unless the student wants to take in the form of shared room.

The students may extend their stay whenever requested in advance and always  under the subject of availability.

10. Structure of the lessons.

The classroom will have a maximum of 6-8 students per level. Prior to the starting day , student has already undertook alevel test to be allocated in the right group

At the beginning of the course will be given all the work material. The last day of the course a certificate of attendance will be awarded.

The lesson’s lengh will be about 50 minutes each and by a qualified teacher   The course has a total of 22 hours which will be taught throughout the week. Days out won’s held any. Lesson.

Kaserio-school reserves the right to slightly modify the schedule of classes only if necessary.

11. Activities and trips out

The programmed workshops and trips out are included in the cost of the course. Such a museum tickets and the food in restaurants To have further information about them, you need to contact directly contact the organizers.

12. Responsibilities

Kaserio-School do not accept responsibility for personal injury or loss or damage to personal property even the loosing time unless it is due to the negligence of the Karesio-school or its employees.

.Participants are responsible for their own belongings during the course.

13. Dates for the courses.

The startisng dates of the  courses will be weekly  from Monday to Sunday between 1st of March 2016  until October 31st 2016.

14. Validity of the General Terms and Conditions.

The mere fact of participating students in a course implies the acceptance and compliance by the student of all conditions included herein.